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For almost 40 years Sheri Long has been connected to movement through being a teacher and a professional dancer.  Her passion for teaching started at the young age of 17 while working in a small dance studio. Sheri was first introduced to Pilates in 2000.  Little did she know, this movement of Pilates would change her entire life.  Now almost 20 years later she is a member of BASI Pilates' Principal faculty and has taught throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Brazil, and the US. Sheri has created workshops targeted towards the mature client, the athlete and the hyper mobile client as well as many other practical workshops.

She had the honor of presenting at numerous conferences including the February Fitness Spain 2019, Learn From the Leaders Newport Beach 2016, and 2019, Learn From the Leaders South Africa 2018, Pilates Method Alliance Conference 2016, 2017, and 2019 Contrologia Brasil 2016, 2017, 2019, and the 5th Athens Symposium 2014

Sheri believes to be a good teacher you must also be a student and continues her education by attending workshops, auditing courses, and taking lessons. She also believes the key to staying happy is to love what you do and know when to rest. When Sheri is not traveling and teaching she likes to spend time with her loving, supportive husband, daughters and dogs.


Workshops and Studio

Up Coming Workshops and Classes

Scheduled Workshops 2020

South Korea

Various Workshops and the Basi Course

March 7-15

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Various Workshops and the Basi Course

April 18-26

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Southern Greece

Pilates and Yoga Retreat

September 7-13 

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Learn From The Leaders

Various Workshops

October 24-25

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Pilates for the Mature Client

October 26-27

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Pilates Essence 2020

Various Workshops

November 13-15

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Studio Classes

When Sheri is not traveling she teaches Sessions in her quaint beautiful Studio near Los Angeles International Airport.


Classes Offered:

  • Private Sessions

  • Semi Private Sessions

  • Small Group Mat Classes


Sheri first began training with her mentor Rael Isacowitz in 2002 and continues to train with him. She has also had the honor of assisting him for advanced education courses, workshops and videos.


Testimonials from Clients and Teachers

“I had the honor of taking "pilates with the mature client", "hyper mobility workshop" and "The art of cueing" with Sheri Long and one thing they all have in common is she never disappoints.
You leave every workshop re-energized, inspired and eager to put the new tools you have just learned to practice. What I love about Sheri as a teacher and mentor is she herself never stops learning and striving to better herself, she keeps the sessions and workshops fun and engaging. 
My only negative is a wish my teaching schedule allowed me to take more regular sessions with this wonderful gifted teacher. ”

Sarah Beardsworth

“Sheri is a wealth of knowledge, a ray of sunshine and a pleasure to learn from. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her workshops TODAY!"

Meredith Rogers

"I used to have neck and shoulder spasms, discomfort etc. due to hyper-mobile joints.  Since working with Sheri for the past 10 years I have no aches or pains at all anywhere. I think working with awareness of posture, proper strengthening of large and small muscles, functional movement etc. can help to stabilize the aging body.  It also taught me proper posture so I don’t sloppily go through the aging process!"

Carolyn Behar


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